I remember the time my daughter slept for five hours straight.  I felt like I could conquer anything!  Any new or even seasoned parent will tell you – it’s all about sleep or lack of it.  Sleep and coffee.  The two go hand in hand and make the wonderful world of parenthood go round.

When my hubby and I relocated here from Toronto, we needed to buy a new bed.  For some reason North American beds are different than UK sizing and well Ikea is different from everyone. Go figure.  Off we set on our own version of Goldilocks and The Three Bears.  We tested beds at all the major department stores and specialty shops.  The sheer amount of choice was overwhelming.  What worked for me, didn’t work for my hubby and vice versa.

Then one day while flipping through a deco magazine I came across The Sleep Room, intrigued I looked them up online and immediately liked their vibe – a choice of two – soft or firm.  They claim to have found the perfect mattress of each.  They searched for two years and tested hundreds of mattress and feel confident they have nailed it. I agree.  What also makes The Sleep Room unique is that they don’t have a high street store front – instead they are tucked away behind Ladbroke Grove.  This means that they are able to sell mattresses at a more affordable price.

With an appointment booked the three of us went down to the showroom and tested the mattresses.  I loved the fact that the space was small – it wasn’t a department store where my daughter could run off.  She was content, playing with some toys while we figured it all out.  In the end we opted for their popular firm mattress and I have to say – we love it.  In addition to mattresses, they also sell bed frames, sheets and children’s beds.  Upon delivery they will set up your new mattress and take away your old one.

Here’s to catching some zzzzzz’s.

The Sleep Room is located at: Unit 22, 2 Exmoor Street, London, W10 6BD

For more info, please visit:


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