The other day I went to a coffee morning organized by one of the mums at my son’s nursery.  Just to put a twist on things,  she arranged for a lady from The Pampered Chef to come and give us a cooking lesson (cheese tarts, chocolate brownies and mini mince pies) whilst demonstrating the cookery products they sell. So it’s like a Tupperware party and cooking class in one. Apparently one of the mums there hosted one of these before with some girlfriends and it was loads of fun! We didn’t have to pay for anything, but after we tasted how good the food was everyone ended up buying one or two kitchen tools we never knew existed.  I personally never knew some of the dishes are so easy to cook especially when you have the proper equipment.  I’m totally sold!

How it Works
The Pampered Chef is the premier direct seller of high quality kitchen tools and part of Berkshire Hathaway.  At an in-home cooking demo, guests get to try products, prepare and sample recipes as well as learn quick food preparation techniques for free.  The Pampered Chef make money from equipment sales which after you’ve tried using them is hard to resist buying one or two things.  I had to restrain myself from buying more than I would ever need, especially since I don’t cook normally.  It really is a fun way of organizing a small party for adults, a bonding session for office workers and children (should be at least about 7 years old up).

Usually the host will get free cooking products and discounts, but on this occasion she decided to waive this and nominate the event as a fundraising morning.  This means Pampered Chef contributes 10-15% of sales (depending on the sales amount) to the nursery instead, and we decided how we wanted the nursery to use the money. What a brilliant idea.  I enjoyed it much more than I thought I would.  They are looking for a keen chef who would like to join the team for in-home cooking show for West London, so this could be your chance to cook up a storm…

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