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Storemates—your cheaper storage solution

Storemates—your cheaper storage solution

With space at a premium and storage costing a premium, Storemates might just be the answer to your storage needs.  What originally started out as an effort to make room for the arrival of a baby by distributing a few flyers in their neighbourhood, has now grown into a London wide business providing affordable storage solutions.

The concept is simple.  If you happen to be fortunate to have some spare space in your home/garage/shed/loft you can rent it out.  Depending on the size and specs of your space, you could earn anywhere from £5-£25 per week.  Storemates only takes the first two weeks ‘rent’ as payment—the rest is all yours!

If you’re in need of storage—maybe it’s the gap between babies and you don’t want to part with all the gear or clothes until the next one arrives, but lack space in your own home—Storemates is a great solution compared to costly commercial options.

Once you find an appropriate venue, both parties sign a contract (a template is provided by Storemates).  All the goods are inspected and an itemized listed created by both parties before storage commences to make sure everything is above board.  It is advisable to draw up a non-liability agreement in the event of fire or theft.  The Storemates website walks you through all the legal jargon.

Watch this short video which explains how it works:

Best of all, Storemates is a greener option with a zero carbon footprint—and you get to meet your neighbours.  Nice!

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