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Say Hola, Bonjour, Ciao with Teach Yourself Languages Online

Say Hola, Bonjour, Ciao with Teach Yourself Languages Online

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Arrive on holiday speaking like a local and open up a whole new world!

Most of us learned a language at school but have not kept it up apart from retaining a few basic words and phrases. When we go abroad many of us struggle to be understood and sometimes even the simplest things, like reading a menu or following directions, can be a minefield, and can really take the shine off the trip.

Before your next holiday why not consider taking a language course? But you don’t need to go to evening classes or plough through textbooks. Teach Yourself Languages Online is a brand new online language learning platform that integrates all the skills—reading, writing, speaking, pronunciation and comprehension—you need to truly master a language. Now’s the time to brush up on your French, German, Italian or Spanish, or learn from scratch, and you can teach the kids a few important words and phrases too, so they can really immerse themselves in their holiday destination when they arrive.

Teach Yourself Languages Online launched in May 2016 offering online courses in French, Italian, German and Spanish, with more languages available soon. Registration is simple and commitment-free, and you get your first lesson FREE. The online courses are accessible via a monthly subscription of £10 and you can work at your own pace, so there’s no pressure to keep up with regular lessons; equally, if you want to have a concentrated period of study, you can really go for it! The MotherHood readers get a 50% discount on the online subscription for the first 3 months. Register for free and enter code TYEBU53.

All our courses are designed to make your language learning goals a reality. At Teach Yourself Languages Online, we build on the outstanding tradition started by the Teach Yourself Languages course books. We combine the same classroom-tested principles and native-speaker expertise with the best of online technology to make learning a new language enjoyable and effective.

Accessed via the Internet, the courses are based around practical everyday situations. But what sets these courses apart are the special features that really bring languages to life:

• Let’s Talk: videos answering questions about tricky points of grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation.
• Animations: lively conversations that give additional context to help understanding.
• Record and compare: listen to your own accent so you can correct yourself, developing both your listening and speaking skills.
• Peer review: see how others have answered the same questions as you and get a better understanding of the vocabulary and grammar you have learned.
• Self check: assess your progress at the end of each unit so you can see where your strengths are and what still needs work.
• Study groups: allow you to personalise your learning and to give and receive feedback on your language skills.

Learning a new language with your family is a great way to prepare for your travels, and the Teach Yourself courses are trusted worldwide to deliver. Teach Yourself is the world’s largest publisher of language courses, and since 1938, more than 60 million people worldwide have learned at least one language with us. Will you join us?

SPECIAL OFFER: The MotherHood readers get a 50% discount for the first 3 months of subscription to Teach Yourself Languages Online. Register for free and enter code TYEBU53.

Find out more at: www.teachyourselflanguagesonline.com

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