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Ruby Rani: Eastern inspired clothing

Ruby Rani: Eastern inspired clothing


Ruby Rani Clothing

Indian clothing inspired Ruby Rani started out of necessity.  When Kit Bhatti a local mum and founder had her baby girl, she searched high and low to find cute traditional(esque) Indian clothing for her daughter—with no luck.  To pay homage to her ancestry she created Ruby Rani—a fresh new line of clothing for boys and girls, up to 24 months.

The line gives a nod to the salwar khameez (tunics and trousers) outfits.  With impeccable attention to detail and made with with 100% cotton, the embrodery is delicate, the trousers have internal poppers in between legs for easy access for nappy wearers as well as adjustable waistbands. Traditional Eastern clothing can be itchy on baby’s skin and the ornate beading can irritate, Kit’s mandate was to create comfortable clothing, lined to ensure ease.

These outfits are perfect for special occasions or can be dressed down for everyday wear.  A perfect Bollywood ending.  I only wish they made bigger sizes!

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