Mini Makers: A monthly collective for future creators

Mini Makers

Mini Makers is not your average under-6s event. A drop-in arts and crafts workshop with such a community feel, it’s organised by two inspiring, friendly, down-to-earth mums, who created this little breath of fresh air purely because of their desire to have a meet-up like this for their own children.

This free craft session runs from 10am to 2pm on a Wednesday each month, and each time an exciting new theme is thought up. Children (and parents) have some natural or recycled objects and tools supplied to make wonderful things. The ethos is eco and cost friendly, to remind us (what our young children already know) that there are so many natural or daily objects that are waiting to be discovered, and can be used for art, while also teaching us to address and reuse waste.

With inspiration given, the event encourages free and independent play. So it really is up to the children to do as they feel. It’s an environment where they can simply enjoy and be as free and messy as they like (well, within reason).

The event I attended was held at Peckham Rye Park, in the fenced and gated area with no dogs allowed—perfect to let the little ones roam free. There were three loose inspirations given: fan making with wooden clothes pegs, paper and paints; dream catchers; and mobiles made with natural materials such as gathered sticks and pine cones and wool.

When the weather is less glorious, Mini Makers is held at a venue five minutes’ walk from Peckham Rye Park, called Space at 61, which is owned by yet another impressive lady (but that’s another story). At this space, there are a few snacks and drinks available but parents are welcome to bring their own lunches and obviously, in the park it’s picnic time. This creates a lovely scene—all the children not eating what’s in their lunch boxes but instead everyone else’s.

At my first event, I found a major difference that I love: everyone looks out for each other’s children, so as a collective you work together to keep harmony whilst they play. This gives us parents the relief of not having to chase your child around the room, ensuring they haven’t hit another child, snatched objects away, and so on. The people I’ve met at this event are open-minded, warm and chatty, instantly putting me at ease. I’m pretty sure the parents enjoy the craft making as much if not more than the kids. All in all, a brilliant free event for babies, toddlers and parents to relax and enjoy the space, socialise and get crafty!

The next Mini Makers will be held at Space at 61 on the 17th of October. Check out facebook.com/minimakersgo and spaceat61.wixsite.com/events for more information.