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Meet the teacher: Gina Field from Diddi Dance

Meet the teacher: Gina Field from Diddi Dance

Diddi Dance offer pre-school boys and girls a chance to cut a rug at one of their many classes across the UK.  Children love the free form movement, which is great exercise as well as beneficial to their gross motor development.  WLM recently caught up with the west London owner of Diddi Dance, Gina Field to learn a little more about her, the classes and her love of cupcakes…

Tell me a little about yourself…
I moved to West London from Oxford a little over a year ago, I’d been commuting for six months – I was very relieved once my partner and I actually moved, no more 5am starts for me! I originally trained as a psychiatric nurse which I loved, although I wasn’t so keen on such a stressful job. Whilst taking a break from nursing I started working as a nanny and that’s where I fell in love with working with children—who knew a job could be so much fun?

Tell me a little about your business…
Once I realised how rewarding it is to work with kids I knew that’s what I wanted to do, I also loved the idea of working for myself and having my own business. I bought into the Diddi Dance franchise almost a year to the day and I can honestly say its the best decision I have ever made—teaching kids to dance, encouraging them to have a fun and promoting their confidence—its really just an excuse for me to have loads of fun!

What inspired you to start teaching?
The children. It doesn’t matter what’s going on in your life—or in the world, when they come bounding in excited to see me everything else washes away. Who wouldn’t be inspired by little people with no inhibitions wanting to dance, prance and sing?

What benefits do children get from taking your class?
The overall benefit from a Diddi Dance classes is building their confidence—everything else is an added bonus. Rhythm and co-ordination, social and gross motor skills and fitness. It’s also a lovely activity for them to share with their parent or carer.

What age range do you teach?
18 months – 4 years

What is your favourite place in west London?
I’m still relatively new to the area so I’m always finding new places that I love! I often stroll along the canal to Little Venice and grab a pastry from the boat cafe, and of course I love the hustle bustle of Portobello Market and Golborne Road.

What is your favourite kids’ shop in west London?
It’s not a shop, but I love Gracelands cafe and Gracelands Yard in Kensal Rise —I’m definitely taking my niece for a cupcake when she comes to stay.

What is your favourite shop in west London?
The Hummingbird Bakery!! Their cupcakes are to die for!

For more info on west London based Diddi Dance classes, please visit:




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