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Meet a Start-Up: Quiqup


Meet a Start-Up: Quiqup

Need something fast but don’t have time to fetch it yourself? Quiqup may be the solution. From takeaway from your favourite restaurant to returning your near-overdue books to the library, no request is too big or too small. WLM caught up with Quiqup’s founders to find out all about the new app for errands that may be a godsend for busy mums.

Tell us a bit about yourselves.

We are a bunch of college friends who are passionate geeks at heart. We all had the same ambition in mind—we all wanted to create a business that was different, that could really make a difference—so we thought, ‘Why not?’ and gave it a go!

What was the inspiration behind Quiqup?

We wanted to create something amazing to give people back some of their precious time and really fill a gap in the needs and stresses of modern life. After all, what is worth more than your personal time? We dreamed up Quiqup in early 2014 in one of our living rooms. Surviving on coffee and popcorn, we spent every hour we had trying to create something that could become a new way of life.

How does the service work?

Quiqup is a mobile app that lets you order anything you want delivered when you want it, limited only by your imagination. Takeaway from your favourite restaurant, groceries from your favourite store or deli, drinks for unexpected guests, a new phone charger because the dog hid the other one, even the bag you left at your mother-in-law’s. When you place an order we assign you a Quiqie—a specially trained personal assistant who is there to fetch, pay for and then deliver your order within about an hour. You can talk to them whenever you want and can track their progress all the way on your phone. They then arrive with your order at your door, or maybe the office, or even the park!

What areas do you cover?

We cover much of central London—click here to see the map of areas we cover. We are also expanding!

Are there any other features you’d like to tell us about?

We have the full menus of over 100 restaurants on our app, with more added every single week so you can choose your food with ease. It is entirely cashless—we buy the items for you and then charge your card connected to your account after you have received your goods. The Quiqie is your assistant—you know their name, what they look like and you can talk directly to them about any specific needs or wants if you need to.

Who is your main competition?

We don’t really consider ourselves to have direct competition. There are a few other businesses that specialise in delivering food but there is no one else who provides a service for EVERYTHING. We are trying to be a way of life for people—a solution for all your needs. Also our business is as much about the personal service a customer receives as the delivery itself—with Quiqup you are not getting a delivery person, you are getting a personal assistant.

What’s next for Quiqup?

So many things! It’s hard not to try and do them all at once. Let’s see now—expansion to more areas of London, our Android app is almost ready, and we are introducing new categories that make it easier to get what you want, for example itemised groceries, gifts and drinks—just like having a menu, but for other things!

For more, visit Quiqup’s website.

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