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Look Great in the Great Outdoors

Look Great in the Great Outdoors


If you’re a fan of getting out in the countryside, you’ll know that from shiny waterproof windbreakers to over-embellished hiking boots, outdoor clothes don’t exactly exude style and sophistication.

But whether you’re going for a strenuous hike or a casual camping trip, it doesn’t mean you can’t look your best. You can strike the right balance between fashion and functionality, if you know what items of clothing to look for. With this in mind, here are a few day trip outfit essentials from top to toe.


Flat cap

First and foremost, think about headwear. A flat cap can keep the sun out of your eyes, cover up your hair and give your outfit a sophisticated edge.

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To protect you from the elements, a well-insulated and durable jacket will be top priority. But rather than opting for a heavily padded coat, choose a Barbour jacket instead. Combining functionality and style, the jackets are versatile and a great addition to every wardrobe. Barbour are synonymous with outdoor pursuits and their famous wax jackets are worn by celebrities from Daniel Craig to Lily Allen.


Body warmer or gilet

In addition to providing you with a bit of additional warmth, a body warmer or gilet will add another dimension to your outdoor outfit. Choose a colour that contrasts with the rest of your ensemble, but be careful with overly padded items, as these aren’t always flattering.

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The possibilities are nearly endless when it comes to trousers. Choose a pair of slim-fitting dark jeans or even some tweed trousers, as tweed oozes simple sophistication and natural authority.










When it comes to footwear, you can wear either comfortable walking shoes or a pair of high-fashion boots for the occasion. Arctic style boots, which come a long way up the leg, are both cosy and contemporary. You can’t go wrong with a pair of classic wellies either, which go great with a pair of skinny jeans, especially if you get a pair in a bright and popular colour, such as red boots for the winter months and pastel shades for the springtime.

With these day tripping essentials, you’ll always look great when exploring the great outdoors. In many respects, fashion and functionality has never been so easy to achieve.

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