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London Entrepreneurs Share Tips for Success in Best Selling Book

London Entrepreneurs Share Tips for Success in Best Selling Book

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No one has been untouched by the circumstances the Covid-19 lockdown has created, but one group of entrepreneurs from London have not only evolved their businesses to meet the demands of the virtual world, they’ve also written a bestselling book about their experiences in the hope they can help others do the same.

In ‘The Law of Brand Attraction’ Amanda Frolich, Kerry Bartley and Gayle Edwards along with entrepreneurs from across the globe share their strategies for success, as well as opening up about what went wrong along the way.

“The past few months have been a whirlwind,” says Amanda Frolich, owner and founder of Amanda’s Action Club, which provides movement and activity classes for children and their parents across London, “but they’ve taught me a lot. I’m now running classes and parties online and entertaining distant relatives across the globe at the same time. It’s something I’d never have considered before, but I’m certainly going to keep doing it in future as I’m loving it.  It wasn’t without its challenges and Zoom and I didn’t become instant friends, but resilience and self-belief have got me through the issues I’ve faced in my career and haven’t let me down this time.”

“In this book,” says Gayle Edwards, a Personal Brand Strategist from Ruislip, “we’ve shared the strategies that have had the biggest impact on the evolution of our businesses. In my experience, too often entrepreneurs wait. They wait for the right time, the right training course, the right employee or the inspirational moment that will transform their business. I tell them they shouldn’t. People don’t always believe it, but they have the power to transform their brand or their business into what they want it to be and I show them how.”

“Of course, entrepreneurs know they need to adapt,” says Kerry Bartley, an International Business Mentor from Brent, “but right now many are fearful and I know exactly what that feels like. Fear held me back for far too long. It kept me safe, but also made me fade away to a shadow of my former self. I hope my story gives people the courage to take action. Now, is most definitely the time.”


The entrepreneurs’ stories complement each other perfectly and are obviously written from the heart. “We wanted the focus to be on ‘normal people’ explains Gayle, rather than expert opinion, although that’s in there too. For me, the key takeaway is this…if they can do it, why not me?”

The book is written with all entrepreneurs in mind, but for Amanda, there was one particular focus. “Through my work as a Children’s Activity Provider and also as the UK’s Children’s Champion in Parliament, I work with lots of mumpreneurs. As one myself I know the juggle, the struggle for the perfect home/work balance. It was hard enough before but throw in home schooling and the need to re-evaluate, evolve and adjust to a new business landscape and there’s added pressure. I hope my story helps mumpreneurs see that the sacrifices are worth it and that you have to keep believing in yourself and trusting your gut. That’s what’s worked for me.”


The key message that comes from these inspirational women is to seize the moment, to make something positive come out of the strangest of times. “If someone had told me a few years ago I’d be helping entrepreneurs the world over and be the author of a bestselling book I’d never have believed them,” says Kerry. “I was stuck in a dead-end job, working til ridiculous o clock, with only the office mouse for company. Since I plucked up the courage to jump, I’ve never looked back and I hope I can encourage others to do the same. Courage and positivity will see us through.”

If the success of the book and the feedback they’ve had so far is anything to go by, they must be talking sense.

The Law of Brand Attraction is available to buy HERE


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