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What Locals Want: Ealing would like to know

What Locals Want: Ealing would like to know



What would you like to see improved or created in your neighbourhood? Perhaps it’s building a community garden or adding a ping-pong table in your local park. Whether it’s big or small, Ealing Council wants your input for their “Transform Your Space” initiative.

The project

Ealing Council have a budget of just over £600,000 to give the borough a makeover where it needs it most. The concept is simple: give local residents the opportunity to suggest ideas that locals want. Proposals can be made for projects on either public or private land and anyone can enter their idea.

How to get involved

First, think of a cool idea you’d like to see happen. Once you’ve finished daydreaming it’s time to get to work. Ealing Council are using the crowdfunding platform Spacehive to showcase the ideas.

Once you’ve uploaded your idea to Spacehive, start gaining fans—the more traction and endorsements your idea has, the more likely it will come to fruition.

The winning ideas

Ealing Council will be funding three project ideas across the borough. In order for your idea to be chosen, in addition to strong endorsements from other local residents, the projects must also make a difference in the area as well as provide the opportunity for local people to get involved.


All ideas need to be submitted by 30 November 2014. However, it’s strongly recommended you upload your idea sooner rather than later, so it has the chance to gain support. Successful ideas will be announced in spring.

Find out more on the Spacehive website.

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