Over the last couple months I’ve been using Eye Wonder and Get up and Glow from OSKIA.  Sleepless nights have resulted in dark circles and dull skin—par for the course with motherhood it seems. I needed a boost fast!  OSKIA is a new (one year old) skincare line which combines natural ingredients and science to create great products which yield immediate results as well as combat aging.

The Eye Wonder serum has cooling properties—ideal for tightening bags and giving you a lift.  Dark circles are diminished with Arnica and Laminaria.  Arnica is great because it brings blood circulation to an area and is often used as a remedy for bruising…makes sense to use it for dark circles.

Get Up and Glow is a luminescent serum which I used under my regular moisturizer, but if you have oily skin it can be used solo.  Packed with MSM, Apple Stem Cells (great of renewing skin cell and reducing wrinkles) and Riboxil, a key ingredient which boosts oxygen intake.  My skin glows when I use this.

I love the fact that OSKIA is about skin health.  Their products are designed to nutritionally feed your skin.  The line also features MSM tablets —the key ingredient in all their products which naturally increases collagen production.  Chemical free, natural and effective – Oskia has it all!

WLM recently caught up local mum Georgie Cleeve – the founder of OSKIA Skincare.

What inspired you to start your business?
When I was about 15 I suffered severe knee damage and after three failed operations I was finally put on a course of MSM supplements, a type of sulphur, to repair my cartilage. It worked like magic and the cartilage strengthened far more than I thought possible, but what I hadn’t expected was the amazing effect the MSM also had on my eczema. The symptoms of the eczema disappeared and my skin condition improved dramatically, as did my hair and nails. MSM is the most bio-available form of the mineral sulphur and is required for healthy collagen production and a huge number of other biological processes. The seed of an idea for an MSM-inspired skincare range which would also feed the skin with the essential nutrients was planted, and eventually OSKIA (meaning ‘delivering beauty’ in ancient Greek), was born after four years of development.

What have been some challenges you have faced with your business? 
One of the initial challenges which I really enjoyed was negotiating with suppliers over their minimum order quantities while still getting good prices for all the parts that make up a brand – things like packaging and ingredients. If you can convince them of how great your business is, then they know you’ll be around for the long-term and are happy to help out at the start. Probably the most significant challenge was juggling a new baby and OSKIA only a year after launch, which was and remains one of the most difficult but rewarding challenges a business woman can face.

What makes Oskia unique?
OSKIA is the only brand which is designed to boost skin cell health as a first step in a beauty regime. Our products are nutritionally designed to feed the skin with a comprehensive diet of essential nutrients to increase cell health and efficiency, as well as using the most advanced actives to target specific ageing, lifestyle and environmental skin concerns. So we take a two-pronged approach to maximise the benefits of using skin care products.

What is your best seller?
Some of our launch products are still huge favourites, the Get Up & Glow radiance boosting serum and our Micro Exfoliating Balm in particular, both of which continue to win lots of awards. But customers love new products too, and at the moment our new Renaissance Mask is hugely popular – it’s a brightening and resurfacing mask packed with nutrients and actives which also looks and smells heavenly.

What skincare advice do you have for busy mums?
Invest in a really good night cream which can work while you grab whatever sleep you can during the night, and a radiance boosting day serum to give you a glow during the day when you’re often feeling anything but glowing! I would also highly recommend cheating…get your eye lashes and brows dyed and having the top lashes thickened out with semi permanent fake lashes, so that you never have to worry about applying makeup during the day and your eyes will always look open, even though they might not feel it.

How do you juggle motherhood and running your own business?
I’ve had to become much more organised in the last few years, otherwise I just don’t think it would work. And you have to prioritise well, and get comfortable with the fact that you can’t be all things to all people all the time, so get a team around you who understand the different pressures you’re under and will give you their support. Never try and ‘play’ with your children at the same time as work. It just doesn’t work and both suffer, so only do one at a time. I found it very hard at the beginning, but now when I am with Arthur I switch off my blackberry and forget about OSKIA.

What is your favourite shop in west London?
Aaah, so many! For a treat I adore the British luxury shoe designer Beatrix Ong who has a boutique store on Pavilion Road, and for a bit of respite from the world, my favourite independent bookstore is John Sandoe just off the Kings Road. If I’m further North I always have a quick look around Alfies Antiques store near St Johns Wood and usually end up buying far more than I wanted!


To celebrate their new spa at Good Vibes in Covent Garden, OSKIA are offering one lucky reader a fab giveaway:

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