You have your groceries delivered, shop online for your clothes and all your gifts, so why wouldn’t you have your child’s craft activities delivered too?  Little Puggle is a new website based out of west London that offers a monthly subscription of craft boxes delivered right to door—perfect for busy families.

The concept is simple, you choose what kind of themed box you’d like, input your child’s details and voila—age appropriate craft activities are handpicked and sent to you on a monthly basis.  The boxes contain items from top brands such as Calafant and the Science Museum.  I opted for the animal themed one and was surprised by the amount of products in the box. There are two sizes to choose from—the Little Puggle Box (£19.95) which is ideal for 1-2 children and the Playdate Box (£29.95)  which is for up to four children.

What I liked most was the element of surprise…even though you get to choose your theme, you don’t get to choose what goes inside, but have no fear, they come with everything required for you to do the crafts…even scissors and glue were included.  The boxes are great if you’re space challenged and don’t have the storage to hold a lot of craft supplies, or also as a gift that keeps on giving (however subscriptions can be cancelled at any time).  I also like the idea of buying a box before going on holiday and throwing it in the suitcase.  Something to do while away and it’s already all packed for you!

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