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Little ones’ spooky fun: Halloween Messy Books

Little ones’ spooky fun: Halloween Messy Books

Rhiane Kirkby

Messy Books Chiswick

Messy Books: Halloween Edition

When it comes to spells and general spookiness, the Meg and Mog books are something of an institution. So what better way to introduce your baby or toddler to the magic of Halloween? If you’d like some inspiration on how to do this or prefer to get creative in the comfort of a class, then this special Messy Books session may be for you.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Messy Books, it’s a class run in Chiswick by a former teacher, Wendy Watkins. Each session is themed around a popular children’s book. Wendy reads the story to begin with and then lets the little ones loose on the messy play stations around the room.

There’s paint, slime, food and general gunk and gooiness, and with no limits on the amount of mess to be made it’s the perfect ingredient for Halloween. Parents are encouraged to get stuck in too—and the great thing is that you get to leave nearly (your child being the exception) all the mess behind!

Wendy promises her Halloween classes—to be held at St Nicholas Parish Hall in Chiswick on Monday 24th October (toddlers) and Friday 28th October (babies)—will leave your little ones spellbound! There’ll be a spooky sensory tent, a slime tub, cauldrons of mess, spell-making, pumpkin painting and more.

And no matter what magic is made or how many spells are cast, the good witch Wendy will ensure that, unlike in the book, no one gets turned into a little black mouse!

For more information or to sign up to a class go to www.messybooks.co.uk.

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