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We’re excited to launch our NEW ONLINE course for February Half Term-

‘The Revamp Designer’

Focusing on creative hand techniques and skills that can be applied to revamp clothes and using the power of clothes to express yourself and what you believe in! Including art activities such as collage, illustration, designing. Textiles techniques of embroidery, applique, textile art, visible mending and much more! Having discussions on sustainability and how to utilise our power as ‘Human Billboards’ to make a difference with the clothes we wear.

A week of art, textiles and fashion activities, learning the designer’s process with the outcome of a customised item/s of clothing that you will be


You Will Need:

-An old item/s of clothing to customise e.g. Jeans, T-shirt, Shirt, Jacket (if it needs mending even better!)

-Art materials e.g pencils, pens, permanent markers, acrylic paints

-Sketch book


-Newspapers, magazines, wrappers- anything that be used for collage

-Basic Hand Sewing Equipment e.g needles, thread, pins

We will provide all the embellishment materials including fabric to practice techniques on before applying your final design.

Become responsible consumers and how to design and make clothes and accessories whilst being mindful of the environment. We are lucky to have the support of leading fashion brands and will experiment with their kindly donated industry waste materials of highest quality. We will dive into the world of mending, altering and thrifting, learn about the life cycle of clothes, become socially conscious influencers and find out about new technologies aimed at reducing the impact of fashion on the environment.

Expert design and fashion teachers
Become an agent of change
Social space to make new friends
Good for problem solving; fine motor skills
Your friends won’t believe they have made it all themselves!

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