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Babble Talks are daytime TED-style talks for parents, not about parenting. For parents and carers with babies under 1 year old.


When it comes to history, the same names and events keep being trotted out again and again. So if you are bored of Henry VIII or sick of Julius Caesar then this talk is the remedy for you. Would you like to know about the oldest structures ever found in the world? How about the world’s most successful Admiral. Did you know about the great hedge of India? What about the world's most dangerous substance ever created? In this talk, Jem Duducu reveals facts so strange that you may not believe them. However, Jem is a trusty guide and he will walk you through these wonderful and obscure moments of our past to entertain and educate.

Jem Duducu is the author of seven non-fiction history books plus two historical novels. It is his mission to share less well-known moments of history and to demonstrate how history is for everyone. His History Gems community page on Facebook has around 99K likes and his podcast NEON has been made a podcast of the week by Apple and been featured in the top ten educational podcasts by BBC America and the Evening Standard.

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