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What if humans could form more meaningful relationships with a machine? In theory, we're already doing this - "we name our cars and mourn our iPhones when they break" - but imagine if we could develop an even deeper emotional bond with a machine? What are the implications, and how could we do it? Sure, computers can interpret intent through language paired with tone and sentiment analysis in real time using sophisticated AI algorithms, but what if we could do more?

In this talk, Pete Trainor, author of Human-Focused Digital tells the story of Artificial Intelligence, our current technological society, and shares a story about a piece of work that will change the way you think about our relationship with the machines. He shares a vision of the future where AI can predict what we want based only on the smallest, most human of hints. A story about reimagining what a legacy means to a man with a terminal illness, by unlocking the human value in the data he generated. A story about a robot called BO.

​Pete Trainor is a man on a mission-to bring design, data, AI and technology together to empower humans to be happier and do more of what they’re good at. Pete is the bestselling author of Human-Focused Digital and CEO of international healthcare provider Vala Health, which is focused on delivering primary care, using ethical applications of data driven technology. He has a very simple philosophy: Don’t do things better, do better things.

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