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Local Spotlight: Isossy – fashion for mini global nomads

Local Spotlight: Isossy – fashion for mini global nomads


Isossy Children is a designer clothing line, featuring beautiful African and Asian inspired prints.  Founder Amanda Rabor has created a line where borders and geography blur and look fabulous on everyone.  Bold prints used in traditional cuts make these items stand out from the crowd.

WLM recently caught up with Amanda, a west London mum of one:

What inspired you to start your business?
I’ve had a love of children’s clothing for over 15 years. When my son was young I set-up my first label funded by the PYBT and ran it for a couple of years, but found I had to make the age old choice of stability for my son or building the business and I opted to raise my son and get a 9-5. Fast forward 15 years and my son is now 17 years and I literally woke-up one Sunday morning two years ago with an urgent desire to resume my business. Isossy Children was born.

What challenges have you faced with your business?
Setting-up and running a business requires energy, tenacity and consistency. I’ve set-up this business during a recession which created an environment of creativity and I refused to let the economic crisis dictate our outcome. My reasoning is, if we can make it through these lean years, things can only get better for us. We keep pressing ahead and forging new contacts and sales are rising steadily. Creating a new label that people will remember takes time and money. Isossy Children offers something very different to other labels and our difference is creating our brand image for us. I see challenges as unexplored potential.

What does the future hold for Isossy?
The future is Isossy Children. Our hook line is “Global clothing for kids” My mission is to create a label that appeals through all cultures. I love seeing all people wearing African and Asian influenced clothing. We are living globally and I want our clothes to reflect that.

Difference remains challenging for many of us in modern society and Isossy Children is about unification. We recently partook in a Charity Event with Tusk.org at Beach Blanket Babylon, Notting Hill.  It was Isossy Children and about 15 other British designers based mainly in West London. It’s great being involved in private sales and raising money for charity. We plan to do more of this type of work.

What is your favourite child friendly place in west London?
Well my son is 17 now, so I don’t really frequent places for little people so much now, but I love places like Tricycle Theatre for their children’s programmes and The Lexi. Nowadays they have these wonderful all encompassing clubs for kids and families. I like that concept.

What’s your favourite shop in west London?
Umm, I don’t really have a favourite shop. I have places I like going to like Ladbroke Grove Market, Westbourne Park area, Queens Park and Kensal Rise. I like quirky little shops and individuality. At the British Charity S/S sale I took part in, I ended up buying fabulous jewellery and a beautiful dress from small creative businesses. I like that. This area has a wonderful creative energy.

How do you juggle being a mum and running a business?
I have a supportive family and team around me so that takes alot of pressure off. My son is 17 and doing his A’s now. Some people think that as they get older is gets easier, but that’s not true in my experience. He’s got alot of pressure with exams and becoming a young adult so the need to be supportive is still very real, but it changes. He’s branching out now and so am I.

How do you spend your downtime?
I’m quite a busy person in general and like to be so. I like training at my gym and going to pilates. These keep me feeling strong and fit. I’m just completing a course in counselling skills at West London University where I’ve been a part/time student for the last 7 years or so. I love studying and personal development. I love being with my family and friends when the time allows. But in my day- to-day, I find prayer and meditation help to keep me relaxed and balanced. I need the stillness.

To see more of Isossy’s line, please visit:

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