Guest contribution from Vicky Silverthorn:

There are two wonderful places that I would call my sanctuaries in Richmond. I use them as my office, for my quiet time, a coffee with friends….any excuse really! These are two venues that I go to enjoy a nice hot drink and a piece of cake as well as wonderful views.

First up, is the secret garden, well actually it’s not, but that’s what it is now called to me and all of my friends….and for everyone I introduce to it. It’s called Terrace Gardens nearly opposite the Bingham Hotel on Petersham Road. You can get there if you walk along the River (in the direction of Ham) and come to a little underpass tunnel so you don’t have to cross the road. There are stairs on the other side but can be a bit tricky with a buggy.

Inside the gardens is the most beautiful organic café  called the Hollyhock Fairtrade Café. The cafe isn’t too big, you can  sit either inside or on the balcony and if you get cold they a blanket for your lap!  Situated in perfectly manicured gardens with a beautiful view of the river. It’s tranquil, peaceful, stunning and friendly.  If taking the family,  it’s good to know that at the top of the hill is the main entrance to Richmond Park.

Address: Terrace Gardens, Petersham Road Richmond TW10 6UX

My second recommendation in Richmond is The Boat. This is only open in the warmer months and my goodness do I miss it when it closes! It’s perfect either with the family or for a solo jaunt.  The atmosphere is friendly, the food wholesome and to a very high standard.  Another bonus is that they also have Wifi which means this is great space for a virtual office—something I use frequently.

The boat is permanently docked and a perfect place to watch the world go by, relax inside or sit by the river.

Address: Bridge Street, Richmond Upon Thames, TW9 1TQ

What are your favourite local  hideaways?  We’d love to hear about them…

Hollyhock Cafe picture, copyright Tony Hall

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