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Get Groovy with Monkey Music

Get Groovy with Monkey Music

Monkey Music

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Newborn babies have a highly sensitive ear and an abundance of genes and synapses all ready to respond to and learn music. Research has shown that exposure to music early in life supports a child in almost all areas of development – music stimulates more parts of the brain than any other activity! And if that’s not enough, music is great fun and a wonderful way to share precious time together.

So how can you incorporate music into your day?

1. Try to punctuate your day with familiar tunes and rhymes so that your child associates a happy routine with positive musical sounds. Babies take great comfort in your voice – to them it’s the most magical sound in the world!

2. Instead of humming the tune of your favourite nursery tune, use different sounds and words to make up the tune – this helps your baby to build up a bank of vocabulary and speech sounds before they start to talk.

3. Dance and sing all the time! Dancing together is great way to connect your little-one to the beat and rhythm of all types of music.

4. Regularly attend a quality, age-specific, interactive baby music class – Monkey Music run lots of fabulous classes across London.

5. Babies and toddlers love making their own music. Expose your child to musical toys and baby friendly instruments. Raid the kitchen cupboards for wooden spoons and pan lids!

At Monkey Music we believe that it’s important for babies and small children to be immersed in making music in a fun, exciting and structured environment. Captivating, perfectly paced and full of smiles and laughter, our age specific award winning classes are perfect if you’re looking for a nurturing, stimulating musical environment in which to make friends and share precious time with your little one.

Monkey Music is the highlight of the week for lots of local families, why not get in touch and arrange your first FREE class!

For more information and how to find a class near you, please visit: www.monkeymusic.co.uk

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