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Family Friendly Eats: Drink Me Eat Me, Hammersmith

Family Friendly Eats: Drink Me Eat Me, Hammersmith


There’s no shortage of places to order coffee in W6, yet you might be forgiven for thinking that one café tends to blend into the other. So what makes a new place stand out from the crowd? Good coffee helps, of course, but we’re talking truly standing out from the crowd here. The sort of thing that makes you stop in the middle of the street with your eyes wide open.

Drink Me, Eat Me does that—in the best possible way, of course. Just down the road from Ravenscourt Park, with looks that sing tea room crossed with toy shop, this is definitely an inviting environment. Their pastel shades and vintage-inspired interior mean only the grumpiest, most heavy-hearted sort would fail to raise a smile when crossing the threshold.


You might think you’ve got this place sussed out by now—pots of Earl Grey, homemade cakes and fruity slices and such. Well, you’d be right, there are all of these things, but they’ve got a few surprises up their vintage, floral-print sleeves. Why not offer the residents of W6, say, sushi? And maybe some frozen yoghurt for afters? They do all this too, believe it or not. And if the fro-yo has chilled your little one, they also sell gorgeous hand-knitted wool cardies and beanie hats, among other lovely children’s clothing, plus eye-catching items like upcycled furniture, handmade soaps and traditional jams.


The café part takes up half of a double shop-front. The other side is a space perfect for parties: it’s gorgeous, bright and airy and would be delightful for any age, from two years to seventy-two. The room is regularly put to good use with a smorgasbord of classes—from baby ballet to hatha yoga to Babies Book Club (last week’s read: The Gruffalo)—check out their website calendar to find details of a great range of groups.

On first glance, the table provision in the café area looks criminally small, especially if you happen to have a buggy in tow. However, there is another roomier room at the back—great for pushchairs.

In short, Drink Me Eat Me is a very welcome addition to the Hammersmith café “scene”, if there is such a thing. You’ll be stopping in the street with your eyes wide open for all the best reasons.


About the author:

Anna Scott is a freelance writer, parent, procrastinator and Hammersmith resident. When she’s not attempting to write her first young adult fiction novel, in between reading and reviewing the odd book or two, she can be found chasing after her two little girls.  In a previous life she was a politics graduate and wine trade lackey.  Head over to Anna Scott Jots to find out more…


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