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Last weekend, I was invited to a children’s members club, called Purple Dragon. The premise is simple; a fun, stimulating place for children to play and learn, where imagination is actively encouraged. I was unsure of what to expect, assuming that it would be a little underwhelming, more of a posh playgroup for the Chelsea set. How wrong I was. The words that come to mind when describing Purple Dragon start at fantastic and end somewhere close to magical. It’s like Neverland, but conveniently in Chelsea rather than somewhere beyond the ‘second star to the left…’

westlondonmum.co.ukFrom the cooking room, the music and art rooms, the Imaginarium and soft play area, there is no chance of boredom here. A splash in the chlorine free pool or a spot of delicious lunch in the restaurant, the choices are endless for children and parents. Play other parents at a golf simulation or clay pigeon shoot game, drink wine surrounded by Taschen books in the Library, or bounce with your babies on the trampoline, this place is all about making being a parent fun and having a child even funner!

Having spent the last few months wading through life with a newborn and toddler, feeling pretty overwhelmed, and, dare I say it, a bit miserable, Purple Dragon has given both me and Mr. G a new lease of life.


After our day there, Fifi went to bed giggling with happiness and smiles at the ‘Mr Purple Dragon’.  Suffice to say within 24 hours we were fully paid up members.

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