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Enjoy Bears Ice Cream This Christmas

Enjoy Bears Ice Cream This Christmas

Bears Ice Cream

3 Reasons Why Bears Ice Cream Will Lead to the Best Christmas

Christmas is a difficult time of year, especially in this bustling city of London with its crowded high-streets and traffic-heavy roads. As a parent it can be particularly stressful when facing the prospect of Christmas-related demands, including the pressure of shopping for thoughtful gifts whilst ensuring that the children are entertained. And as a parent, you don’t have time to worry about these demands; instead, you need ways to make life easier during this busy festive period. Bears Ice Cream Company has the ability to do this by providing a unique solution to your Christmas-related worries; read on for the reasons why.

1.  The Christmas gift that keeps on giving: the artisan ice cream subscription

Your father-in-law told you that he needs socks, but each year when he opens your carefully wrapped gift, his mouth is smiling but his eyes are not. You don’t have time to traipse around the shops trying to second-guess what it is that he might want, yet you also want to look like the thoughtful daughter-in-law that you are. Time to treat him to something special that’ll have him grinning from ear-to-ear; a Bears Ice Cream Company Scoop Club Subscription. The Scoop Club provides the first ice cream subscription in London which means that your relatives will be wowed by your thoughtfulness and originality. And who wouldn’t want ice cream on tap every month?

Bears Ice Cream Company

 2. Freshly made ice cream that makes a fantastic alternative to Christmas pudding

Don’t you just love those television adverts where everyone is sitting around the table, grateful for the work that you have put into Christmas dinner? In reality, the children are crying over their dry turkey, Grandma has fallen asleep after one too many whiskies; you haven’t even made it to the Christmas pudding that nobody wants, and chaos is reigning already. But not this year. Bears Ice Cream Company will deliver to your door their Scoop Club Christmas Ice Cream that even the kids will love. Free from the palm oil and fruit powders favoured by other ice cream brands, Bears Ice Cream Company provides a scoop ice cream that is ideal for children and health-lovers. What’s even better, you can avoid waste by keeping in the freezer whatever doesn’t get eaten (although it will probably all get eaten). Make sure you save some for yourself!

3. London ice cream made from homegrown recipes, delivered directly to your door

Christmas shopping may create visions of using your double-buggy to navigate your way to the gift section. Or perhaps it reminds you of that time you turned up late for the school-run in tears due to being stuck in a 5 items-or-less. This year, forget about the stress and avoid the London crowds. Bears Ice Cream Company will deliver to your door their beautiful Christmas artisan ice cream, including vegan options. Using their eco-friendly Icycles to bring the gift of ice cream to you, you’ll instead be able to enjoy a peaceful walk in the park with the buggy, safe in the knowledge that you’ll make the nursery-run on time, minus the tears.

Although Christmas as a parent can be hard at times, it doesn’t always have to be stressful. Bears Ice Cream Company will do the hard bit for you so that you can get back to enjoying the wonderful Christmas with your family that you deserve.

Pre-order your Christmas ice cream here for delivery before the 22nd December

Visit us at bearsicecream.co.uk

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