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Eat: Damas Gate, W12 – dinner for a tenner

Eat: Damas Gate, W12 – dinner for a tenner


Cheap Eats in west London

I was at a loss for what to serve  my mother-in-law for supper the other night, so on my way to collect my daughter from netball, I popped into my local Middle Eastern supermarket DAMAS GATE for some inspiration.  Brimming with an extensive supply of fresh fruit and vegetables, an excellent quality meat counter not to mention their fresh home made falafels, Damas Gate is a goldmine for delectable eats.  They stock authentic home-made houmous, moutabal, tzatkiki, delicious Arabic breads and a huge array of glossy olives as well as large slabs of feta, halloumi and other unusual cheeses.

For just a tenner you can stock up on all of this, plus large bunches of fresh mint, coriander and parsley, couscous, bulgur wheat as well as every kind of nut, seed and spice imaginable.  In five minutes I had the makings of a delicious supper, quick and easy to assemble and a little bit of a change from the usual spaghetti bolognaise or baked potatoes.

Don’t forget to pick up a bag of their fresh, warm falafels — five for a pound — or their delectable crispy cheese pastry rolls — three for a pound.  The biggest challenge is making it home without eating them on the way.  These alone with their yoghurt garlic dip make a sublime starter.

This place is truly one of the joys of living in the cosmopolitan metropolis of Shepherds Bush.  Check it out.

Damas Gate is at 81-85 Uxbridge Road, Shepherd’s Bush, London, W12 8NR.


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Contributed by Annabelle King.

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