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Eat: Annie’s Restaurant, Chiswick

Eat: Annie’s Restaurant, Chiswick



Contributed by Katherine Whitby:

Annie’s Restaurant is tucked away, set back from the River Thames along Strand on the Green, not far from Kew Bridge.  Nestled on the street corner you can’t help but be drawn to the tables outside ready with inviting cushions and rugs to keep you snug.

I can’t remember the first time I went to Annie’s but I can’t imagine life without it.  Annie’s feels like a home away from home.  It’s welcoming and cosy ambience entices you in on a rainy, cold day to enjoy a hot chocolate.  Its décor is like a glamorous living room, romantic with gilded mirrors, fairy lights, cushions, candles and chandeliers.

In the summer time after a nice sunny walk, you can sit outside enjoying a cordial or cocktail. The food menu is one where you want to choose everything and ponder for ages before making your choice and you are never disappointed.  The menu offers choices to suit all tastes. Their deserts are to die for and the crumble is simply the best I have ever tasted with it’s nutty topping.  Annie’s have wonderful cocktails to tempt you and are a great excuse for a girls’ night.


Annie’s has been the perfect place for so many special occasions; a surprise lunch at my hen party, our daughter’s Christening party, birthdays, anniversaries and numerous long lazy Sunday lunches.  When meeting a friend for dinner and deciding where to go, it is only a matter of time before one of us will say, “Let’s go to Annie’s”.  As my best friend said last week “it would seem wrong not to!”

As a Mummy of a 3 year old girl and a 10 month old boy it is now a joy to enjoy Annie’s with my children.  Age two Isabella my daughter – thought every waitress was called ‘Annie’! They have a box of toys, which they are happy for the children to enjoy, a great children’s menu with favourites and best of all a huge sweetie jar, which is perfect bribery for a clean plate!

Annie’s so often is just the right place to spend time with my husband, children, and friends.  When we were invited to their 10th birthday party we realised we must be regulars! Annie’s say ‘We want to brighten your day’ on their website and they really will.  Enjoy being wrapped in a big Annie’s hug when you go…..you won’t want to leave!

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About the author:

Katherine is a Paediatric Nurse, Health Visitor, Mummy of two and is the Founder of Baby Steps.  Baby Steps offers First Aid, Weaning and Baby Massage courses.   Courses can be enjoyed in the comfort of your own home.  They are the perfect opportunity to learn vital skills and tips galore in a relaxed and social way with your NCT group, friends and family.  Courses are also regularly held at handpicked venues.

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