This cute little pub located on the corner of Goldhawk and Bath Road has been reincarnated once again as the Duchess of Cambridge.  In the last few years it has changed three times…most recently known as The Brook—it was a local favourite—so when the doors shut down this summer with the ominous ‘under renovation’ sign on the door,  the thoughts of another vacant pub loomed.  Luckily though, the pub has re-emerged as the Duchess of Cambridge—hopefully third time lucky.

Decorated in a more laid back style, the pub seems to have filled the void for a much needed family venue in the area.  A wide selection of board games, an extensive children’s menu and a great collection of 55 different beers from around the world, the Duchess has been welcomed with open arms.

A sizable Sunday lunch ranges from £9.50-£11; the place is busy on the weekend—although the wait is never too long.  The vibe is relaxed—orders are all placed at the bar.  The new dining room has been stripped right back…no fancy table cloths anymore and on Sundays a string band sets up in the corner providing a nice eclectic medley of tunes.   The kids love it!

For a chilled out Sunday roast while playing a game of Battleship the Duchess of Cambridge is great and best of all, the apple crumble is huge.

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  1. Hi there, we live very close to this pub and were delighted to see it go in after two previous ventures failed in the same location. Sadly our first visit was a disaster with cold food, poor service and an even worse response when we complained so we’ve not gone back and prefer the Eagle on Askew Road for our Sunday lunches… maybe they’ve ironed out their problems now but its hard to go back when the competition is so good.

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