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Do: Silver Screen Film Club, W12

Do: Silver Screen Film Club, W12


We spend so much time planning playdates for our children and thinking about ways of keeping them entertained that we sometimes forget about the older generation – our parents or the senior citizen living next door.  We recently came across  The Silver Screen Film Club in Shepherds Bush, run by Open Cinema in St. Stephen’s Church.  Films are shown every Monday at 1pm and include a cup of tea and lunch.  It’s a great place for our seniors to meet new people, socialize and have some fun!  If you know of anyone interested or have a parent that can benefit from it, let them know and of course donations are always welcome to keep the club going.

Tell us a bit more about the Film Club and who it is for?

The Silver Screen Film Club is for the older generation. People come and have a cup of tea and some lunch, get to talk with one another then watch a film.

How is it funded?

Donations through the church and local donations. Nisa Local very generously gave us £300. This money enabled us to mount the film projector onto the ceiling which was necessary to keep it safe. We are in dire need of more donations.

How often are the films shown?

We show a film once a week on Monday at 1.00pm. Prior to the screening of the film Silver screeners come and have a cup of tea, coffee, sandwiches, quiche, cake etc and a chat. They can also have these refreshments after the film. Films vary to suit differing tastes, coming up in April we have Skyfall one week and Rear Window the next.

What challenges have you faced?

The financial challenge is critical and all donations are welcome.

How has the film club been received by the local community?

I think the film club is hugely popular, just by the regularity of its attendees. (We have up to 30 film goers.) It’s a fantastic asset to Shepherds Bush. Wonderful to know that once a week you can have a free lunch, chat with your friends and watch a good movie. I feel that the local community are very appreciative.

What is the most rewarding aspect of this project?

Knowing that you are bringing people together who might otherwise be on their own. Particularly rewarding when the film you show gets a clap – then you know you’ve chosen a good one!

How can local people help with the project?

Raising money to allow the club to continue, and volunteering (although at the moment we have a strong body of volunteers who are invaluable.)

The Silver Screen Film Club will be open again on Monday 15th April with a screening of Skyfall at 1pm. The club takes place at St Stephen’s Church Parish Hall, Coverdale Road, W12.

To make a donation please send a cheque to the following address marking it ‘Film Club’. St Stephen’s Church, 1 Coverdale Rd, London, W12 8JJ.

On the 24th September The BBC Outreach in conjunction with William Morris sixth formers came to the St Stephen’s Film Club to film its members and children from St Stephen’s school. They produced a short film all about our members’ experience of film going. The film was created as part of the Take Two project, which helps young people in Hammersmith & Fulham develop employability skills and confidence.

You can read a short blog all about the day and see the actual film on the link below:




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