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Call to Acton: Old Library Survey

Call to Acton: Old Library Survey

OldLibraryActonA Cultural Hub for Acton

Last year we featured Glynne Steele, who along with actor Julie Saunders is spearheading a local campaign to preserve the Old Library in Acton as a public use building. The venue is currently vacant and Ealing Council are looking for a buyer—most likely a property developer.

And while, yes, there is a housing shortage in London, especially affordable housing, thriving neighbourhoods also need central points where people can interact, play, learn, create—and build communities. As Acton is in the midst of a mini-gentrification, this historic building’s conversion into a cultural hub could make the perfect place to bring together the area’s diverse residents.

The vision for the Old Library includes:

two-screen cinema
studio theatre
comedy, music and dance
cafe, restaurant, bar
family activities
visual arts programme
studios, halls and period rooms for hire

The campaign is a third of the way to meeting the target of 2500 surveyed. If you’d like to see this proposal come to fruition, take a moment to take complete it here.

For more info, visit www.oldlibraryacton.co.uk

What are your thoughts? Is this a good use of the building?

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