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Business Profile: Kite Studios in Shepherds Bush

Business Profile: Kite Studios in Shepherds Bush

Kite Studios

Art Classes in London: Kite Studios

Kite Studios does things a little differently. Tucked away just off the Askew Road in Shepherd’s Bush it offers a creative oasis away from the hustle and bustle of city living, a splash of paint thrown across a concrete landscape. An inclusive space for all, offering in equal measure contemplative, focused skills-based learning; and chaotic, joyful, messiness – yes it truly contains multitudes.
Whether you’re organising a bespoke birthday party for a discerning child, on the look-out for holiday activities, in need of a team building task that doesn’t bore the pants of your colleagues or maybe have just been secretly harbouring a personal desire to master the potter’s wheel, Kite Studios is the spark that lights your imagination with the support to help you realise it.
Kite Studios
Make life more colourful and get involved:

Take the stress out of summer with our holiday workshops. Catering for children from the age of 4 our range of workshops explore different artistic mediums such as print-making, painting, sculpting and pottery.


When it comes to celebrating, and having fun creating your own works of art there is truly no age limit. Choosing from a range of different options, you can tailor a truly bespoke party that is perfect for you or your child.


Explore the bountiful benefits of getting people out of the office and challenging them with new ways to think creatively, work together and just cut loose, get messy and enjoy.


That thing. You know the one. The thing that you’re always putting off but have always wanted to do. That niggling desire to learn something new or reconnect with an old passion. Do it. Make time for yourself today and book one of our one-to-one tutorials. Or why not book in some time for your child and let them discover a new passion.


Discover Kite Studios at 2B Bassein Park Road, London W12
Telephone: 0208766278 | Email: info@kitestudios.org
For more information, please visit: www.kitestudios.org

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