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Broken Fanny: A one-woman show

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By Rhiane Kirkby

Ever sat in a sleep-deprived haze at a new mums’ coffee morning wondering exactly how everyone else has so much energy? Or stared in awe at the perfectly turned-out and seemingly chilled-out women in the park, juggling babies and toddlers with ease? Not to mention the buggy-fit brigade—with their calm, sleeping babies and abs of steel?

Then gone home with your screaming baby, looked in the mirror and cried—lots!

If the answer’s ‘yes’, then you’re certainly not alone, as more and more mums are talking honestly about the pressures of parenthood, the struggle to conform and the fact that those early days aren’t always as perfect as people would have you believe. Actor Emma Jerrold is just one of those mums and she’s turned her account into a funny, honest and moving one-woman show, Broken Fanny, that has attracted rave reviews. And the good news is that—for one night only—she’s bringing it to Chiswick.

Broken Fanny has a serious side, that’s true, but Emma also promises to make you “throw-ya-head-back and laugh.” “It will be funny,” she insists, “comedy is at the core of everything I do. Oh, and there’ll be songs!” By bringing issues like postnatal depression, loneliness and isolation into the public eye, Emma hopes to raise both awareness and money for the pre- and postnatal depression charity, PANDAS.

So, if you and your mummy-mates are in need of a night out, then head to The Pilot on June 22nd. There’ll be a post-show talk about the issues raised with local Happiness Coach Olivia Horne, as well as goodie bags stocked with generous donations and a prize draw. Definitely worth dusting off your make-up bag for!

For more information about the event and to book tickets, click here.

Rhiane Kirkby

Rhiane is a mum of two, living in Chiswick. Originally from Lancashire she moved to London 15 years ago and hasn’t looked back. A TV editor by trade, she’s left the lights, cameras and action behind for now and is fulfilling her other passion—writing. Rhiane contributes to a number of baby and parenting titles in London and beyond and can often be found chasing her energetic toddler around parks and play areas whilst, at the same time, trying to keep her ever-so-slightly demanding baby entertained!

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