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Breddos: Tasty tacos in Clerkenwell

Breddos: Tasty tacos in Clerkenwell

Emily Lawler

By Emily Lawler

Breddos is fast becoming an institution in London, with friendly, relaxed service and high-quality meats packing out their tacos. The taqueria is on the smaller side with one larger sharing table, counter space, a few booths and an open kitchen.

You’ll need to be lucky to get space here with a buggy—they can only really fit one in and they don’t take reservations, but we went for lunch on a Saturday and managed to squeeze in. Just. The staff weren’t at all fazed by our little guy and just worked around us. You know how sometimes you take your baby out with you and feel like your presence is a problem but you’re being tolerated by a restaurant’s staff? It’s not like that here. I felt really relaxed having Max out with us even though there was very little space, and I put that down to the very friendly staff and fast service.


It’s also worth noting that there were a lot of Spanish speakers in the restaurant when we visited, leading me to believe that the Mexican community of London has given Breddos their unofficial seal of approval.

Tacos cost between £2.50 and £4.50 each, with tostadas (about £7) and tlayudas (a bit like a Mexican pizza, £8 to £10) as well as grilled options like Iberico Pork Al Pastor and Arbol Chile Pepper Crab available at dinner (£7 to £20). What’s good? The Kung Pao pork belly taco, the Burford Brown Egg taco and the aged Tamworth pork chop with burnt spring onion, tomatillo and morita salsa were all wonderful.

Kid friendly? The staff definitely are but the space not so much. If your kid is big enough to sit up I’d recommend bringing a portable highchair. Breddos is definitely worth the trip with a baby in a buggy on a quiet day, or hire a babysitter for a dinner date to bag these dope tacos.

Breddos, 82 Goswell Road, EC1V 7DB, is open from 12 to 3pm and a kid-friendly 5pm to 10:30pm, Monday to Saturday. They don’t take reservations but they do do takeout.

For the menu and more, visit the Breddos website.

A version of this posting first appeared on mamaneedsamimosa.com.

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