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Baby Steps – that could save a life

Baby Steps – that could save a life

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Even though I’ve taken first aid classes throughout my life, once I had my daughter, the realization that something could go wrong weighed on me.  What are the steps to preform in the event of choking?  What is the best method to deal with an infant emergency?  Remembering the protocol can be challenging.  Infant resuscitation is vital to know, sadly however, it is rarely addressed during the prenatal stage.  Even if you have taken courses before, it is always advisable to stay updated and take refresher courses annually.

Katherine Whitby, a Paediatric Nurse and Health Visitor in London, realized there was a need to fill this gap and started Baby Steps.  Baby Steps focuses on offering parents and child minders the confidence to deal with emergency situations.   The team is made up of nurses, health visitors and massage therapists.

In addition to first aid courses, Baby Steps also offers courses on childhood illness and accidents, baby massage and weaning to solids.  Baby Steps can conduct the sessions either in your home or specific venue.  Practice is performed on infant manikins.  Private sessions of infant resuscitation cost £200 and can be shared with up to 6 people.  A 10% discount is offered on the second session.  Baby massage runs for 3 weeks and costs £300 and can also be shared with up to 6 people.  Alternatively, Baby Steps also conducts sessions at various locations around London.

The Courses

Baby Resuscitation

Learn what to do if your baby or child stopped breathing or was choking.  Practice on manikins. There will be plenty of time to ask questions and practice, giving you confidence and reassurance.  Useful handout given of all the steps covered.

Childhood Illness and Accidents

Covering First Aid and the initial steps to follow in an range of emergencies.  Situations covered include if a child was injured, ingested a poisonous substance, allergic reactions, febrile convulsions, croup, the signs and symptoms of Meningitis and head injuries. This session will ensure you feel better prepared to recognise signs and symptoms and importantly where and when to seek medical advice.  As well as tips to help you feel more confident in caring for your child when they have minor illness.  Recommendations are given on what to have in your medicine cabinet.  Accident Prevention and ideas for ‘safe proofing’ your home are discussed.  Useful booklets are given of the information covered in the session in a fabulous ‘Goody Bag’!

Weaning your Baby to Solids

Following the latest recommendations, you will be advised step by step, when and how to introduce different foods to your baby.  Invaluable tips about teething, dental care, cups and dummies are also discussed to ensure you feel confident about the many questions that arise during this stage of your baby’s development.   Advice is given on the stages of weaning, food preparation and food hygiene. Accompanying booklets are given covering all the information from the session, including some lovely recipes to get you started! Suitable for babies from 4-6 months onwards.  This is an invaluable session to help you enjoy this exciting stage and make meal times fun!

Massage Courses

Our Baby Massage course is 3 weeks and takes place at home to offer flexibility and convenience.  The many benefits of Baby Massage for the parent or carer and baby are well known.  These include aiding colic, wind, teething pains, constipation, relaxation and sleep as well as importantly bonding with your baby.

Classes are approximately one hour each week and can be arranged at a time to suit you.  The course includes a ‘Goody Bag’ with massage oil, a relaxation CD and full details of all the strokes covered in the course with easy to use laminated handouts.  The benefits of the 3 week course and also the cost can be shared with friends or family.

Individual Baby Massage Session

Alternatively a 1:1 class of approximately an hour covering all the strokes and including the ‘Goody Bag’ is available for £95.  Classes are suitable from birth to crawling.

West London upcoming sessions:

Wandsworth @ Vitality Centre

0208 871 4677

For more information on Baby Steps visit:

077969 42771


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