A Frugal Yet Fabulous Home

Frugal but Fab Home

Houses are expensive enough to buy these days without worrying about the interior aesthetic and quality of your goods. In an ideal world, everybody would have the house of their dreams filled with all of the top-range furnishings and appliances, but in reality we all have to cut corners and make sacrifices to stay financially comfortable day to day. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t make the most of your home and be proud of it. Here are some tips on how to have a frugal yet fabulous home.

Invest in long-term items

A great way to get value for money in your home is to invest in long-term sustainable items that offer multiple services, such as a decent microwave oven or a low-power-consuming fridge freezer. These are big investments, initially, but will provide much-needed service to your home for many years to come. With so many styles and colours to choose from these days, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone by making your home beautiful and wisely spending your money.

Be clever and economical with space

Much like the multipurpose kitchen items, there are plenty of pieces of furniture that can be bought that will not only be beneficial in a practical sense but will also help to save space and make your home feel much more airy and stylish. For instance, installing some built-into-the wall wardrobes will allow you to de-clutter and free up some wall space that you can use for aesthetic purposes like art or family photos. Similarly, finding a nice quality sofa bed has the same positives; its multiple uses mean that you get more space, more value for money and still have somewhere comfortable to sleep or sit. Good sofa beds and foldout sofas help you stay frugal and practical yet keep your home chic and cool.

Energy-saving lightbulbs

There’s no excuse these days to be using the energy-sapping lightbulbs from years gone by. When you think about it, switching to the modern energy-saving bulbs will be a positive change that you’ll benefit from in several different areas. The best is the fact that you’ll be saving a substantial amount of money that you can then spend on other parts of the house. Lighting can be used to sound effect to showcase your home as well as set the mood. Whether you’re purchasing a nicer lamp that the energy-saving bulbs can sit in, or investing in an entirely different part of the house, you’ll be increasing the fabulousness of your home.

*In collaboration in Tesco.