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5 Things to do this summer in London

5 Things to do this summer in London


There’s loads to do in London, so make the most of your holiday at home. Each week we’re bringing you five ideas for enjoying summer in the city. (Check out our first, second, and third postings if you missed them.) This week you can learn to snowplough, let your kids be professionals, or walk in a technicolour tunnel.


1. Soar to new heights

Kids climbing the walls? Take them to Westway Sports and Fitness or Clip ’n Climb (check out our review of Clip ’n Climb) and let them do it for real.


2. Hit the slopes

Who says you can’t ski in summer? Practice your hill stops at Chiswick’s Skiplex.

KidZania_doctors - Copy

 3. Get your kids to get a job

Kids ‘engage in real-life role play’ at Kidzania London, newly opened at Westfield White City. From pilot to artist, puppeteer to chocolatier, there’s a dream career for every kid.


4. Enter a colourful cocoon

Visit the rainbow maze of tunnels at this year’s pavilion at the Serpentine Gallery, or have your 8- to 14-year-old design their own pavilion in the Young Architects Challenge.


5. Visit a little zoo, for free

Better known as the Bunny Park, the animal centre at Brent Lodge Park in Ealing houses meerkats and prairie dogs, maras and porcupines, and, of course, rabbits. It’s all free, except for the reptile house, and that’s only £2. Plus there’s a playground, maze, and walks along the Brent River.

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